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Board of Directors

CAO Board of Directors with Committee Assignments and Contact Information

Executive Board Members: 

President: Mark Levine – CAO President

1st VP:  Irwin Rubman – isardj@aol.com

2nd VP: Michelle Aguilar-Aasted – michelleaguilaraasted@yahoo.com

Treasurer:  Louis Richmond – CAO Treasurer

Financial Secretary:  Robin Zegas – rigz99@aol.com

Recording Secretary:  Marsha Resnick – CAO Secretary

Board Member Committee Chairpersons and Organization Representatives:

Ad Hoc Bnei Mitzvah Committee: Carole Reiss- Creiss1952@gmail.com 

Ad Hoc Bnei Mitzvah Committee: Jay Weiss: jwsenior1940@gmail.com

Adult Education: Arlene Stein – Arlene Via Sisterhood

Advertising and Special Projects Committee: Judie Singer: judie0405@aol.com

Brick Purchases: CAO Office

Calendar/Catering/Room Rentals:  Robin Zegas – rigz99@aol.com

Education Committee:  Sherry Rotem – sherryrotem@gmail.com

Fundraising Committee:  Rob Friedman – CAO Fundraising

Immediate Past President:  Debby Milboer – dmilboer@gmail.com

Interior Committee: Irwin Rubman – isardj@aol.com

Membership Committee: Michelle Aguilar-Aasted – michelleaguilaraasted@yahoo.com

Men’s Club:  Rob Friedman – CAO Men’s Club

Nominating Committee: Carole Reiss: – Creiss1952@gmail.com

Past president: Debby Milboer – Dmilboer@gmail.com

Personnel Committee: Bob Shimony – rshimony1@yahoo.com

Ritual Committee: Irwin Rubman – isardj@aol.com

Sisterhood:  Arlene Stein – CAO Sisterhood

Board Members Without Portfolio

Dr. Ira Strauss: – isjte66@gmail.com

Edward Keller:

Non-board Member Committee Chairpersons:

Bingo Committee: Currently Vacant

Building and Grounds Committee: David Kobb –CAO Building and Grounds

Cemetary Committee: Norman Friedman – CAO Cemetary

Security Committee: David Kobb – CAO Security

Technology Committee: David Kobb – CAO Technology