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Prayer Book Dedications

Congregation Ahavat Olam is thrilled to open the official “Siddur Lev Shalem” drive, which is the new conservative movement Shabbat and Holiday’s prayer book.

We are excited that we will have a siddur that reflects our congregation’s ongoing commitment to Judaism.

Using this new siddur will make services more meaningful and allow for greater participation from all members. In addition, insights to prayers and meaningful commentaries are found throughout.

With deepest gratitude, we acknowledge the generosity of Sisterhood and a family who chose to remain anonymous, for sponsoring the purchase of these siddurim.

Now there is an opportunity for you to take part in this project.

We are very excited to announce the “Siddur Lev-Shalem” dedication drive to individualize and memorialize these magnificent prayer books.

You will be able to affectionately remember and honor a loved one from your family, or celebrate a mile stone, and a Simcha (joyous) occasion. Each siddur that you dedicate will be inscribed with your name and the name of the person/occasion you wish to honor or commemorate on the inside cover.

How about commemorating a B’nai Mitzvah, wedding, new baby, 90th birthday, and such inside a siddur?

We say of our loved ones “May their lives be remembered as a blessing”. When we hold these siddurim in our hands, not only will we be inspired by the words within them, but seeing the names of our loved one will also be as a blessing to us all.

We look forward to praying with all of you in a meaningful and spiritual way as our congregation continues to a bright and prosperous future. Please fill out the attached form (on the following page) and submit to office@cao-nj.org or you can call Carole Richard at the CAO Office at (732) 719-3500.