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Our synagogue provides educational programs for all ages. Our Hebrew school starts with those children from kindergarten through high school.

The kindergarten, first and second grade students attend weekly classes and those in third through seventh grade attend twice a week including Bar and Bat Mitzvah lessons. Those lessons are started as a group and then individual lessons so each child can reach his or her potential for this most important event in their Jewish education.

Our Hebrew high school continues twice a month as they continue to learn and socialize with their fellow Jews. Commitment to attending and participating in services is an integral part of their education.

Although this year’s pandemic has changed how everyone is educated, our school has continued to thrive with zoom classes.

Many classes are offered on an ongoing basis for our adults. Following morning minyan each Thursday a short interactive class is held. Topics vary depending on Torah portions as well as current events. Our calendar of classes is updated frequently. This year, the classes have become couch and learn, but we hope to return to lunch and learn soon. Sunday morning bagel breakfast and learning may resume once the restrictions of Covid-19 are lifted.