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Rabbi David Amar MS, CMHC, MA, J.Ed

Born and raised in Israel, attended ‘Or Etzion ‘the world’s only Jewish observant Military Academy which prepares students to be examples to others as officers, and as people.

After graduating Or Etzion, Rabbi David Amar took a leave of absence from the military to study at Yeshiva. The Rabbi attended Yeshivat Ateret Cohanim in Jerusalem, and then Yeshivat Shavei Hevron, Upon completion of his studies, Rabbi Amar served in the Israel Defense Force for four years. He was stationed both at the northern Israeli border and Lebanon in the “Barak” (lightning) Armor division. After completing his service, Rabbi Amar received an honorable discharge with the rank of lieutenant.

Rabbi Amar continued his seminary and academic education in Jerusalem, as well Cantorial training at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem (the Re’nanot Institute for Jewish sacred music.)

He attended undergraduate school of Yeshivah College, at Yeshiva University and the Bells School of Music. Rabbi Amar was ordained as a Rabbi and received a ‘Smicha’ from the Tiferet Yisroel Yeshiva in 2001, In addition he was ordained as Chazzan by The Jewish Ministers Cantors Association of America in 2003. Rabbi Amar received his second Bachelor degree in Jewish Education from Hebrew College of Newton MA, and later continued his education and graduated with a Master in Jewish Education from the same institute. In order to better serves the community, rabbi Amar continued his education at the Monmouth University, at the department of clinical professional counseling, and is received his MS in Clinical professional counseling in May of 2019.

Rabbi Amar is married to Milen and together they have four children Daniel, Aron, Shalev & Maya. He firmly believes in the importance of living a Jewish life and its continuity from generation to generation.He his position as a rabbi, he sees an opportunity to continue the quest of finding new and exciting ways to educate children, youth, parents and adults, in order to make the connection to Judaism interesting and approachable to all. Rabbi Amar is also in constant quest for outreach families with children, seeking new ways to engage parents through a Jewish lens.

Rabbi Emeritus Michael Klein