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Youth Education


The CAO Hebrew school helps our students develop a broader knowledge of our rich heritage, Jewish values, traditions, the meaning of prayers, Jewish holidays, and our unique history. Students are involved in discussions involving the events of the Jewish year, foods, holidays, and Torah stories through hands on activities, including music, games, movement, art and more.

Our Hebrew reading education program is designed to allow our students to advance through a series of multiple reading levels, which allows for differentiation for each student according to their needs and ability. Hebrew language is incorporated in all aspects of the program, including Jewish History, Religious Studies and Jewish values and ethics.

School education starts on 9/13/2023 and ends on 5/13/2024.  Days and Times are as Follows:

Mondays and Wednesdays in person

4:00- 5:30 Pm

Morah Ariella all together HTM (Hebrew Through Motion)

Reading levels are broken up as follows:

  •  Morah Ariella grades 1-4
  •  Morah Esther Grades 5-7


Many of our Hebrew School graduates continue their Jewish Education at the CAO “Hebrew High”. Our teens come together to learn with our Rabbi and participate in social action projects. Our goals are to engage teens in meaningful conversations that allow them to translate Jewish ethics, values, and practices into their lives and to connect and build relationships with our community and each other.

Under the teaching of Rabbi Amar, this program is aimed at providing Jewish teens a foundation for Jewish living, study, and growth. Emphasis is placed on developing their own Jewish identity while caring for the world – Tikun Olam – (making the world a better place) is fundamental to our teaching. We empower our students to think critically of Judaism today, and we bestow upon them the love and understanding of the Torah and exposure them to various aspects of Jewish life, history, and ethics. The true purpose of making Jewish education relative for today.